Data conversations
without the question marks

Make metrics the language of data

Transform refocuses a companyโ€™s data ecosystem around metrics, so that business and technical teams can speak the same language and collaborate, with the right context at their fingertips.

Transform is a BI solution that is committed to enabling coherent, data-informed workflows

Conversations & Collaboration

Transform gets technical and non-technical teams on the same page about metrics, literally. Start building your metric knowledge hub with annotations, Q&A, governance and more.


Business subject matter experts are empowered with the confidence to answer their own questions and build reports quickly, without relying on their analyst.

Governance First

Metrics are powered by MetricFlow, so that proper data governance is built from the inside out. Leverage a framework that scales with the needs of your business.

Scale your

Standardize and centralize your metrics with Metricflow. Define metrics in code once, with version-control, that can be leveraged by the whole organization.

The reward?

Your data team is now freed up for more complex analysis.

Make self-serve a real priority.
With the right context, end users can safely:

Ask questions of data owners

Build their own analysis

Tell their own stories with data

Product breakdown at a quick glance:

MetricFlow Your open source metric framework

Build and maintain all of your metric logic in code

  • Powerful semantic modeling
  • Simplify code governance with auto-generated SQL
  • Materializations: Improve performance with denormalized data sets
  • Seamlessly interface with other tools through Python objects
  • DB-specific support for Snowflake, Amazon Redshift, and Google BigQuery
  • CLI and Python API support for building and executing metric querying logic

Transform Your self-service BI Hub

All of the amazingness of MetricFlow, plus:

  • Enable sub-second queries through rollups and a custom serving layer
  • API Layer to enable metric consistency in downstream applications
  • Build a knowledge-base around metrics
  • Annotate directly on metric charts
  • Subscribe to key metrics
  • SSO, metric RBAC, Audit trails

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