'Game of Thrones' Continues to Reign Supreme in Online Engagement

(Photo: Helen Sloan/HBO)

(Photo: Helen Sloan/HBO)

Winter is almost here. Game of Thrones’ final season is upon us and, after two years of waiting, it’s not an overstatement to say that this may be the biggest thing to ever happen on TV.


And we wanted to see what the hype train is looking like for the final season, at least when it comes to online engagement – so we did some digging. We looked at the three months leading up to each season and found some of the ways in which people have prepared themselves in the past and how excited they are for the beginning of the epic conclusion starting tomorrow.


As you can see, women were not predisposed to enjoy the adaptation of George R.R. Martin’s fantasy saga, with the chatter before the first season being far more men. But by the time Season 2 was set to air the gender split was narrowing. Men still remain more engaged, but it’s a success with women as well.  

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When it comes to sentiment online, the show started at its peak, likely because there were more immediate fans baked into the demo of who was waiting for it. As the show started to gain popularity, its sentiment didn’t drop too hard, and last season was close to its initial high. While the sentiment for the new season is (barely) the lowest it’s ever been, some of that negativity may be attributable to the fact that there is skepticism in some corners that the show can stick the landing.  


When it comes to chatting online, Game of Thrones is a big deal. There was a lack of reliable data for Season 4, but the time between Season 3 and Season 5 were clearly the best years for the series, based on the massive amount of online engagement it was receiving. By Season 6 that engagement was less than half and it began to decline further in Season 7, a possible sign that the show was finally losing its dominance.

But with two years in between seasons, and everything finally coming together, the amount of GOT talk now is beyond anything it’s done before.

But will it last? We’ll back early next week to look at online engagement post-episode 1 and let you know if Game of Thrones can fight through to end up on top.