'Killing Eve' is (Slowly) Winning In Online Engagement


Killing Eve, the BBC America series that’s found most of its audience on Hulu, has garnered plenty of acclaim. Not only is it at 98% on review aggregation site Rotten Tomatoes, but it’s so popular that even Hulu’s biggest competitor Netflix couldn’t stop themselves from raving about it.


But the popularity of the thriller/action/romance(?) has grown in non-traditional ways since its debut in April of 2018. So in anticipation of Season 2’s debut on Sunday, April 7th, here are some insights about how Killing Eve is slowly becoming the show people are talking about.


Online Sentiment


It should come as no surprise that Killing Eve has been receiving overwhelmingly positive online reactions from people, with an increase since its May finale. We can see that its core audience had great things to say about the show, but when award nominations and word of mouth brought it to a larger audience, positive sentiment has remained near or above 75%. And while the trendline is not rocketing up, the positive reactions are noticeably increasing.


Online Gender Split


It also may be no surprise that Killing Eve, with two compelling female stars, is getting a lot more online engagement from women. Even though the show has a lot of earmarks people associate with shows that have predominantly male audiences, Sandra Oh’s Eve Polastri and Jodie Comer’s Villanelle are clearly resonating more with women. (And it easily passes the Bechdel test.)

The only times Killing Eve online engagement seems to have something close to gender parity is during the news of Sandra Oh’s Emmy nomination, as well as the Golden Globes when she was the co-host, and won Best Actress for a Television Drama (more on that later). It will be interesting to see if the show's rising profile, though, will start bringing in more male viewers.


Online Volume


There is no question that Sandra Oh’s rising profile has been one of the biggest reasons for Killing Eve’s online engagement. While the show had received some level of online discussion during its initial run, its best day was almost matched by Sandra Oh becoming the first woman of Asian descent to be nominated for lead actress in a drama category for the Emmys.

Then Killing Eve chatter exploded when Oh both co-hosted the 2019 Golden Globes on January 6th, and won Best Actress in a Drama Series, giving an incredible speech where she thanked her parents in attendance.


The subsequent months have shown much more lively online engagement, bolstered by the beginning of Season 2’s ad campaign and Oh’s appearance last week on Saturday Night Live. And this all means that a lot more eyeballs are going to be on both Oh and Comer this coming Sunday.

So now that Killing Eve Season 1 has slowly begun to convert viewers over the span of almost year, we just need to wait and see if Season 2 will continue this momentum and build an even larger, more dedicated audience, or will it be a flash in the pan. Try and be patient.