Online Reactions To The 'Game of Thrones' Series Finale Were A Bloody Mess

Credit: HBO

Credit: HBO

After eight seasons, 71 episodes and countless deaths (though we actually think it’s 5,863), Game of Thrones has come to an end.

And to say its finale divided fans would probably be too kind. We looked at online engagement to see how many people watched “The Iron Throne,” who they were and what exactly they thought.


Game of Thrones Final Episode Online Engagement (Volume).png

Looking at the online engagement from one day after the finale aired, the numbers aren’t even in the same universe as any other TV show. There were almost 40 million references to Game of Thrones.

That breaks down to about 436 mentions of the show every second.

The finales from the previous two seasons posted huge numbers, but they’re comically small compared to the amount of people who had opinions on how it all ended. And boy did they have a lot to say. We’ll get to that in a minute.



As far as gender, there was nothing too surprising, with the split being fairly equitable, though it has to be noted that the end of Season 7 actually showed a majority of women were those who had tuned in, a rarity for the show and one that they did not reproduce.

It may have just been an anomaly or possibly certain controversial events earlier in Season 8 (you know) may explain some of this. And those events only added to how people felt about the finale, which was far from complimentary.


Game of Thrones Final Season Online Engagement (Sentiment).png

Looking at the finale in a vacuum, it may not seem that bad. After all, by this metric more people still seemed to have a positive opinion of the show than negative. But looking at the previous two season finales, the show clearly did not live up the expectations of viewers.

Looking back on the sentiment for the first three episodes of the season, the audience was already clearly getting shaky. By the end the creators simply could not figure out how to make it work and its once loyal audience turned. All any of the scorned audience can hope for now is that George RR Martin finishes his books, and rights what they see as many, many wrongs.

If you want to get a sense of what many people think of the whole series now that it’s over, a Twitter user asked people to explain all of Game of Thrones in one tweet, and they truly delivered. If you are one of those fans who feel betrayed or sad or even angry, then maybe the responses here will make you feel a little better.