The Behavioral Scientist, above all, is an expert quantifier of human behavior. This means continuous ideation, refinement and tuning of both semantic groups of tagged elements derived from film, TV, music videos, ads trailers, and a variety of other media types, as well as knowledge graphs for human response to video. You know how to frame and reframe information into meaningful clusters, buckets, tribes, networks or maps, and communicate…[Link]

As a BI data architect you will be guided by our chief architect and be responsible for designing, developing, documenting data models, data dictionaries, taxonomies, pipelines and dashboards for an analytical platform.  Not only will you be developing using the latest technologies for building BI solutions, you will help drive a BI team in the construction of pipelines, data warehouses and reporting solutions that will be used downstream by customers, data scientists and analysts.…[Link]

Technical Writers communicate complex information clearly, concisely and accurately, and without relying on jargon. As a Technical Writer, your role involves tasks such as writing conceptual overviews and procedures, reading and writing example code or updating help center queries and FAQs. Technical Writers play a big part at Transform. They are a key link between Engineers, Product Managers…[Link]

The Cloud Service Operations Manager defines the strategic vision for our cloud services operations. In this role you will rely on your experience to create an operational processes and monitoring, designed with a customer-first state of mind. You will coordinate between all responsible teams: Product, Engineering, Support, Site Reliability…[Link]

The BI Developer will be a team member in our engineering group building analytical products.  You will be developing using the best of breed technologies, work with seasoned team members, and stretching your talents into new areas of data science…[Link]

The Front-End Engineer should be passionate and able to design and develop brand new systems that serve the needs of our media customers. Our trailblazing team will be your collaborators and teachers, using cutting-edge languages and libraries to create tools to change the media…[Link]