The Media Taxonomist, above all, is an expert category maker. This means continuous ideation, refinement and tuning of semantic groups of tagged elements derived from film, TV, music videos, ads, trailers and a variety of other media types. You know how to frame and reframe information into meaningful clusters, buckets, tribes, networks or maps, and communicate…[Link]


As a data architect you will be responsible for providing data models, data dictionaries, taxonomies and business process models to be used as documentation for new or existing systems. These models will be used to guide the construction of data lakes that will be used by data scientists, BI developers and analysts that are using the latest technologies for data ingestion, transformation and analysis…[Link]


Technical Writers communicate complex information clearly, concisely and accurately, and without relying on jargon. As a Technical Writer, your role involves tasks such as writing conceptual overviews and procedures, reading and writing example code or updating help center queries and FAQs. Technical Writers play a big part at Transform. They are a key link between Engineers, Product Managers…[Link]

The Project Manager will lead Transform in ensuring project success from the point the project starts through to completion. The Project Manager proactively and professionally manages the client relationship and helps guide the client through the initial sales process for set up and data collection. The Project Manager is an integral part of Transform’s success… [Link]