Our culture: diverse,
energized & engaged

Our workplace culture is as dynamic as our solution, with an emphasis on collaboration, energy and an innovation mindset. With a small team that’s diverse and an environment that encourages engagement and new ideas, you’ll never be just a cog in a big wheel. You’ll always have a strong voice with the potential to make a big impact.

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Our Team

Nick Handel

Nick Handel Co-Founder and CEO

  • Head of Data, Branch
  • ML Infra PM, Airbnb
  • Growth & Experiences DS, Airbnb
  • Research Analyst, BlackRock
  • Runner, Skier, Nature Enthusiast
James Mayfield

James Mayfield Co-Founder and COO

  • Director of PM, Airbnb
  • Data PM, Airbnb
  • Data Tools PM, Facebook
  • Data Analyst, Facebook
  • Avid Fisherman, Amateur Handyman
Paul Yang

Paul Yang Co-Founder and Software Engineer

  • Data Infra EM, Airbnb
  • Data Infra Engineer, Airbnb
  • Data Products Engineer, Instagram
  • Data Infra Engineer, Facebook
  • Festival Veteran
Belinda Bennett

Belinda Bennett Data Science Manager, Customer Success

  • Senior Data Scientist, Airbnb
  • Senior Data Analyst, uShip
  • Senior Consultant, Factset
  • Taco Fan, KUTX Supporter, Dog Momma
Jacob White

Jacob White Data Scientist, Customer Success

  • Head of Strategic Analytics, Quibi
  • Senior Data Scientist, Tala
  • Senior Data Analyst, Collective Health
  • Peace Corps Volunteer, Dominican Republic
  • Movies, Writing, Burgers, Breakfast
Marco d'Amore

Marco d'Amore Software Engineering Manager

  • Senior Software Engineer, Slack
  • McGill University
  • Puppy Dad, Curator of Emoji
Courtney Holcomb

Courtney Holcomb Software Engineer

  • Software Engineer, Opendoor
  • Data Analyst, Opendoor
  • Yogi, Hiker, Nature Lover
Jenna Rajani

Jenna Rajani Software Engineer

  • Software Engineer, Dinova
  • Software Engineer, Aptean
  • Whisky, DIY, Dog Momma
Jim Renaud

Jim Renaud VP of Design

  • Director of Product Design, StockX
  • Creative Director, Coursera
  • Design Manager, Asana
  • Design Manager, Facebook
  • BBQ, Vinyl Records, Sneakers
Bobby Abbott

Bobby Abbott Software Engineer

  • Software Engineer, Anchorage
  • Software Engineer, Two Sigma
  • Software Engineer, Bracket Computing
  • Surfer, Skier, Burrito Enthusiast
Amit Bhojraj

Amit Bhojraj Director of Marketing

  • Head of Product Marketing, Auth0
  • Sr. Product Marketer/Manager, Cree
  • Sr. Product Marketer/Manager, NXP
  • Seinfeld, Reading, Camping
Evan Ames

Evan Ames Product Designer

  • Director of Product Design, StockX
  • Senior UX Designer, Universal Mind
  • Whisky, Cigars, Jiu Jitsu
Drew Holmen

Drew Holmen Chief of Staff

  • Senior BD Manager, WithMe Health
  • Sales Director, Castlight Health
  • BD & Marketing, Jiff
  • Runner, Skier, Tortilla Chips, Pesto
Andy Kramolisch

Andy Kramolisch Software Engineering Manager

  • Head of Data, EasyPost
  • Security Engineer, Airbnb
  • Data Infra Engineer, Airbnb
  • Cofounder, NabeWise
  • Books, Biking, Suburban Expeditions
Roxanna Pourzand

Roxanna Pourzand Product Manager

  • Product Manager, SingleStore
  • Customer Success, SingleStore
  • Analytics Manager, Oracle
  • Fútbol, Snowboarding, Eating Dessert
Allie Howe

Allie Howe Software Engineer

  • Software Engineer, Vulnerability Research Labs
  • Virginia Tech
  • Johns Hopkins Masters of Cybersecurity Candidate
  • Cycling, Sailing, Skiing, Pasta

Our Core Values

Lead with empathy

We actively listen, proactively support all voices so they are heard, and prioritize inclusion, diversity, and equality.

Be reliable

We act with integrity and build trust — owning our decisions (and mistakes) along the way — and ensuring high-quality work.

Act as one

We invest in staying in sync, act on behalf of stakeholders, and empower decision-makers with the accurate data they need.

Grow Together

We stay true to ourselves, strike a healthy work-life balance, and have fun fueling our passions. We bring a beginner’s mindset and humility to our work.

Celebrate impact

We celebrate milestones — big and small — and reward achievements, all while knowing that not all risks lead to success.

Embrace the process

We dream of a big and bold vision for the future with intense optimism — breaking through the status quo with determination.

We’re proud to have the support of top-tier institutional investors, Index and Redpoint, who share our vision of transforming the data ecosystem for good.

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