Your journey towards a data-driven
culture starts at the metrics layer

Metrics Framework

  • Build metrics governance in code while simplifying complex SQL queries
  • Publish metrics definitions to the rest of the company with confidence
  • Scale governance easily with our flexible architecture as your organization evolves and grows
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Metrics Framework

Metrics Catalog

  • Build your data story by annotating insights directly on charts and never lose the historical context
  • Eliminate ad-hoc/repetitive tasks by collaborating with stakeholders in a centralized metrics catalog
  • Create personalized feeds for prioritized metrics and get notified in real time when changes are made
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Metrics Catalog

Metrics API

  • Use any generic interface (SQL, Python, GraphQL etc.) and push metrics to downstream tools that end users already use
  • Produce metrics aggregated to many different dimensions with flexible APIs
  • Add context and enrich metrics by pushing metadata to end user downstream tools
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Metrics API Without Transform Metrics API With Transform
Metrics Catalog Metrics API With Transform


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